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Getting Started

To use our APIs or invoke an API endpoint, the api user will need to register for an account. Available accounts are sandbox and production accounts. Sandbox account will be used to test our APIs. Production accounts will be used for users intending to go live. An account activation link will be sent in an email to the email address you used in registering for a developer account; the activation link expires within 24 hours of it being sent, and you will need to register for another account.

Creating an app

The first time a user logs in into the developer account, after account activation, the sandbox/production apps page opens from the user can create an app by clicking add an app. Clicking on an app reveals tabs with more information about the app i.e. consumer key and consumer secret, app details as well as edit and delete options. The app keys of an app are the consumer key and consumer secret, as well as the date they were issued and their expiry period. Sandbox keys do not expire.

Our endpoints will be secured using token based authentication on API calls. To make an API call, you will need to authenticate your app. We have provided an OAuth2 API for you to generate an access token, we support client_credentials grant type. An access token expires in 3600 seconds or 1 hour. To authorize your API call to the OAuth2 API, you will need a Basic Auth over HTTPS authorization token. The Basic Auth string is a base64 encoded string of your app’s client key and client secret.

Visit https://www.pikieglobal.com/docs for detailed developer documentation