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  • 2019-09-20
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 “It’s critical for any management tool to provide complete code-level visibility and tracing of all user requests across all possible programming languages, including .Net Core,” said  Chris Farrell, director of marketing at Instana.

The solution has the ability to track user requests across the full stack and all services of dynamic microservice applications. Users can automatically understand the quality of the services they provide without ongoing engineering effort, human configuration or application restarts. 

Instana brought the fully automatic monitoring experience to the .NET ecosystem last year with the AutoTrace feature. The feature integrates the ability to automatically enhance existing services with tracing and metrics capabilities without the need to change the source code and fill the application with non-business related artifacts. 

“Instana offers the unique and fully automatic monitoring experience to the .NET ecosystem. Apart from performance metrics of the CLR itself, Instana constantly analyses the infrastructure and container landscape to discover newly started services and their dependencies between infrastructure, hosts, and services; fully polyglot,” Instana wrote in a blog post.

Courtesy of:Software Development Times


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