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Why are Health Management Systems so important?

Information systems in healthcare have become increasingly advanced over the last decade or so, and their ever-growing range of capabilities have led to widespread use of these systems throughout the healthcare industry. In fact, use of some level of information management has become virtually universal among healthcare providers, facilities and health systems. (Source: https://www.bryantstratton.edu/continuing-education/healthcare/resources/information-systems)

 So why have these systems become so relevant?

Today, the modern healthcare IT has evolved significantly from rote inventories into a whole scale digital healthcare infrastructure that is developed and tasked with the responsibility for collecting, managing, and integrating the bulk of clinical, financial, and operational information that institutions generate every day.

Medyafrica: Cloud Based Hospital Management System

Medyafrica provides the most comprehensive hospital and clinical management system that is enhanced by electronic health records (EHRs), which place comprehensive patient data at the fingertips of healthcare professionals.  The system has features such as SMS messaging that improves patient engagement that, electronic communication with clinicians and digital access to personal health information, aided by accounting software for healthcare organizations, healthcare billing systems, and interactive and intuitive inventory control systems.

Paper records are notoriously hard to compile and update. Medyafrica offers doctors and other healthcare professionals a robust and comprehensive picture of every aspect of a patient's health. With a comprehensive hospital system doctors and surgeons can gain immediate access to a patient's allergies, prescriptions, and other matters of their medical history. This allows healthcare professionals to act and make important healthcare decisions sooner


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