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  • Posted On: 2018-05-05
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New MPESA API Integration

As backend developers, we can all agree that payment integrations are a pain when it comes utilizing third-party gateways. MPESA released their new API to enable developers to access M-Pesa services.

  • Posted On: 2018-11-21
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Integrating payment gateways

A payment gateway is a piece of software that acts as a mediator between cardholders, merchants and banks. It is designed to facilitate the processing of e-commerce transactions.

  • Posted On: 2019-02-02
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Machine Learning

Back in 2010, no one thought that machines running complex tasks could have become reality in 8 years. Instead, the whole ML industry developed to a point where the hardware must keep up to its evolution

  • Posted On: 2019-04-01
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Devcraft 2019 Conference 2019

DevCraft is a conference for and by designers and software developers, with the aim of raising the quality of the software craft in Kenya

  • Posted On: 2019-10-08
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How to Install Laravel PHP Framework With Nginx on CentOS 7

Laravel is a most popular PHP framework which is free and opensource. In a short time span Laravel has got a lot of popularity because of that today Laravel has become the most popular PHP framework.

  • Posted On: 2019-11-04
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Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS applications are used by a range of IT professionals and business users, as well as C-level executives.Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet.